Friday, July 29, 2011

Valeria Kuzmina New Surname Lowery

To all the men who may meet this women Valeria. You have to becarefull because first she goes out and then tries to find out if your an American Citizen and if you work for checks. She is going to ask you for this. This women Valeria she dosen't have no respect. She will think only about herself to get a green card. She does the same thing as her mother, Olga Annarumma. Call the police. She will make up lies and excuses to divorce a man once she has what she wants from him. This women probably if she works she will use her mothers social security number too. You people have to remember only one thing, this women has no respect, no feeling, and she thinks only about herself. She just makes belive she loves you, and once she has everything I guarantee she will call the police. Her mother Olga Annarumma did the same thing too. I am the step father Guerino Annarumma I used to live at 22-49 38th Street Astoria. Me as a step father I loved this girl so much but she doesn't have respect for no one. Because of this girl I got divorced with her mother. She was already married once and she doesn't have no green card too now. The man took the money. What every I say here don't trust this girl. She will do anything to get a green card. She tried to hack my accounts and delete everything. When she usd to live with me and my mother she used to use my computer and delete eveything out of the computer then too. If there is an investigation she knows everything is inside the computer she can't deny anything. Remember Valeria I'm your step father Guerino what ever you did you and your mother 'till I die I'm never going to stop you destroyed my dream, I will destroy you mentally. You remember you used to say you know people from one penny to a quarter, do you remember you have sent email from other people which says Russian women do not play games.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Olga Annarumma_Borodina

These are pictures on Olga Annarumma maiden name Borodina


I meet this women in 2000 on 22-49 38th Street. She was working for Al Hammer when I meet this women I really liked this women I knew she was't legal in this country. That didn't make a difference because I liked this women. She was watching my aunt Gerardina and my uncle Gustavo. In 2006 April 12 we got married. Since 2006 her daughter came to America from Russia. Since the daughter arrived all the problems started. On October 15, 2009 not even 3 1/2 years we are married this women called the police on me and  got me arrested, only for her green card. Anything this women does is always a lie. She even used my cell phone number and identity on any documents she filled out. She did it with the bank and other things. This women is no to be trusted she likes to call the police and knows how to lie about everything. If anybody meets this women she is not to be trusted.