Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Immigration Fraud

This girl came in June 2006 Her name is Valeria. His came to this country illegaly from Russia through Florida. With this girls she gave me so many problems. What ever you see on this computer even from the imigration papers show she only got married for the green card which she never received. I lent to her $5000 to pay the guy, put this guy never showed up at immigration. What ever you see on these papers is all true. These documents have expired. When Valeria goes out with a man the first thing she asks is if the man is an american citizen, if his employer pays him with checks. In my opinion this girl is dangerious just like her mother, because the mother called the police on her husband in October 2009, and got him arrested for no reason. I just want to say this when you meet this girl be carefull she is not to be trusted. I have tried contacting immigration about  this serveral times. She live in Astoria Queens at 22-49 38th Street. Under the name Alfrado Hammer. His is helping to hide her. Like he did with her mother Olga Annaurma I hope all these people have consideration about what is going on in this country. Me as an American Citizen dont feel right about this situation. I dont have respect for anyone anymore esspecially Olga and Valeria. I hope only one thing the FBI anybody from the police in the United States, they will come to me, I will explain everything. I am tired, this women has ruined my reputation. I have one more thing to say only I dont have nothing to lose because the mother and daughter have done very bad. She has to remember only one thing I dont have nothing to lose. I am not afraid of nobody anymore. Anybody who meets Olga Annarumma who lives at 22-49 38th Street should be very careful because she is dangerious. She has stolen my identity and stolen $16,000 from my bank account, Astoria Federal it is on Ditmars Blvd. in Astoria the zip code is 11105. Remember Olga I am going to hurt you the way you hurt me because I have nothing to lose anymore. Al Hummer said he did income tax its only because he wanted to show only because he wanted to be right when your wrong, you have been lying all the time.  I hope the Federal Police will know all about these things, about Olga Annarumma. On December 5-6, 2011 I have a divorse trial with this women because she says she has proof if the federal police would like to be there to hear about the case about how she and Al Hummer are lyers. What ever mister Hummer does is only because he wanted to show he did the right thing. I Guerino Annaurma have already made a complaint to the IRS. Olga Annaurmma sent money to Russia in 2009 $10,000 with western union. This money was spit in two $5,000 each time. When she sent money to Russia it was under the name Olga Borodina or Annarumma since 2001 she has been sending money to Russia. She works at 22-49 38th Street. But her daughter she still lives with her mother only the the weekends. Or the mother goes to see her. I hope they take actions about all these complaints that I have made. I am available all the time  to answer questions.