Friday, August 26, 2011

To Olga Annarumma Green Card

This is for you Olga. It's Guerino, you remember these pictures, thats all your friends who did the same thing like you for the green card. I always loved you from the first day I met you in 2001 until 2009, then you got me arrested for nothing, runined my reputation and broke my heart. God will make you pay. Do you remember when you used to read the bible, you went to church too. You don't need to go nowhere beacuse you are a peice of shit you have no respect, you never showed respect toward me. Now when you have a problem who do you call, I'm sure you call Alfrado Hammer or Theresa. They are my cousins. They are the same as you a peice of shit. You are going to see alot of pictures of your daughter and you. You cannot say no more that I call you, that I come home, and you cannot call the police anymore. Beacuse you don't have nothing to say because you are a perfect lier. You lied to the bank, you lied to the police, and you lied even to your lawyer. Do you remember when you got arrested in Brooklyn, even immigration will know about this and about your daughter too. Do not worry about it they will come the police and immigration. I'm going to bring it to my cousin Alfrado Hummer, and they are going to talk, I will make them talk. Tell your daughter Valeria to not send anymore email to my computer from her friends. I got this email that said russian women do not play games. Goodbye pidara.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

to valeria kuzmina where you live 22 49 38 astoria

Do you remember when you came from Florida in 2006, this picture is from when you used to live in my house, because of the green card for you and your mother look what happened, look what you did to me. Only you started all these problems in my house. When you see that computer whatever you wrote, everything inside that computer, everything is saved. If the police come I'm going to give them my computer for an investigation. Remember one thing if I see you with somebody I will tell them the way you are and what you are looking for, only for the green card. All these problems all because of you only you. You have a lot to lose. You remember you look nice in this picture but now you look like shit because you don't have anything any more because your mother Olga helped you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye Valeria

My friend Valeria Kuzmina I am your step-father Guerino. What am doing for you Valeria, you think your inteligent but you never thaught I was going to do this for you on the computer.You never respected me, since you came to this country. Remember if one day the police come to me and ask about you I will take you where you live to your mother Olga Annarumma. My cousin Alfrado Hammer knows your illegal in this country. You created this problem between me and your mother. I always wanted to do good by you, but you never cared about me. Remember we are only human beings. Your mother says that I don't love you, but I will always love you. You never showed me any love. Since you came here in June 2006. Problems started between you mother and me, because of you.Because of the stupid green card. You have to tell your mother Olga I am going to put the pictures of all your mothers friends on the computer. I just want peace, to live good. We bought a house trailer in Pennslyvania me and your mother for when we retire, we were supposed to have a good time, your mother Olga and me Guerino. But you destroyed everything, my life and my reputation. Remeber one thing what ever goes around comes around. One day it will come to you and your mother. One day you or your mother will find somebody is going to screw you. Util I die I will always make a complaint about you about your mother beacuse I don't have nothing to lose but you and your mother have something to lose. I will always love you and your mother but I don't like you no more. I put your passport online. You are going to pay for whatever you did. I dont play no games. Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This only for you Valeria Kuzmina

To Valeria,

You know where I am when I write this letter, always me Guerino is a stepfather. From the first day you came to this country in 2006 and I went to Florida to pick you up at the airport. I always loved you. From the first day you came to this county illegally, you were supposed to go back to russia. I always tried to make you feel better, but you are a nasty girl you have no respect you show no love.You think only about getting your green card. Thats why guys go out with you, they just use you, you don't use them. Do not try to be smart with me, you are not smart, you are like your mother a piecie of shit. When you think you have a little power in you hands you think your somebody. Remember whatever I tell you here is true. When you talk you are a very good lier like your mother. Whatever I wrote in these letters, if anybody sees these things everthing is true and it's not for revenge, it's the principle, Olga Annarumma called the police and said that I wanted to kill her because only for her green card, remember you never do this no a men, you ruined his reputation and respect. Remember one thing if the police come to question me I will take away where you live because even my cousin Alfrado Hammer, knows you lived in this country illegally with me in this house. What ever I say to you here is true but when you talk you talk shit. You remember what you said to me one time, you said you know people from one penny to the quarter. I dont have nothing to say to you no more because there is nothing to say, you are pidara, you and your mother. I am never going to stop makeing a complaint until I die. Good Bye.

Valeria & Olga's friend Vera

To Olga,

Thats your friend Vera in the picture with your daughter and me Guerino. What ever you did to me, your green cards I never will forget you for 10 years I sacrificed to do good things but in 1 and a half minutes you called police, you ruined my reputation and my dream, I wanted to do so many things with you and with your daughter Valeria too. Your daughter, she is a very nasty girl, she doesn't have no respect remember with you and your daughter I have nothing to lose  I am still going to make a complaint all the time. I am not scared of you no more. You are the peiece of shit women. I gave you a chance to go back and make peace betwen me and you thats my your going to be shit for the rest of your life. I'll see you in December for the divorce trial on the 5th and 6th. You think you have everything but you dont have nothing. Thats the way you want to live.