Friday, August 5, 2011

This only for you Valeria Kuzmina

To Valeria,

You know where I am when I write this letter, always me Guerino is a stepfather. From the first day you came to this country in 2006 and I went to Florida to pick you up at the airport. I always loved you. From the first day you came to this county illegally, you were supposed to go back to russia. I always tried to make you feel better, but you are a nasty girl you have no respect you show no love.You think only about getting your green card. Thats why guys go out with you, they just use you, you don't use them. Do not try to be smart with me, you are not smart, you are like your mother a piecie of shit. When you think you have a little power in you hands you think your somebody. Remember whatever I tell you here is true. When you talk you are a very good lier like your mother. Whatever I wrote in these letters, if anybody sees these things everthing is true and it's not for revenge, it's the principle, Olga Annarumma called the police and said that I wanted to kill her because only for her green card, remember you never do this no a men, you ruined his reputation and respect. Remember one thing if the police come to question me I will take away where you live because even my cousin Alfrado Hammer, knows you lived in this country illegally with me in this house. What ever I say to you here is true but when you talk you talk shit. You remember what you said to me one time, you said you know people from one penny to the quarter. I dont have nothing to say to you no more because there is nothing to say, you are pidara, you and your mother. I am never going to stop makeing a complaint until I die. Good Bye.

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