Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye Valeria

My friend Valeria Kuzmina I am your step-father Guerino. What am doing for you Valeria, you think your inteligent but you never thaught I was going to do this for you on the computer.You never respected me, since you came to this country. Remember if one day the police come to me and ask about you I will take you where you live to your mother Olga Annarumma. My cousin Alfrado Hammer knows your illegal in this country. You created this problem between me and your mother. I always wanted to do good by you, but you never cared about me. Remember we are only human beings. Your mother says that I don't love you, but I will always love you. You never showed me any love. Since you came here in June 2006. Problems started between you mother and me, because of you.Because of the stupid green card. You have to tell your mother Olga I am going to put the pictures of all your mothers friends on the computer. I just want peace, to live good. We bought a house trailer in Pennslyvania me and your mother for when we retire, we were supposed to have a good time, your mother Olga and me Guerino. But you destroyed everything, my life and my reputation. Remeber one thing what ever goes around comes around. One day it will come to you and your mother. One day you or your mother will find somebody is going to screw you. Util I die I will always make a complaint about you about your mother beacuse I don't have nothing to lose but you and your mother have something to lose. I will always love you and your mother but I don't like you no more. I put your passport online. You are going to pay for whatever you did. I dont play no games. Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye.

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