Friday, August 5, 2011

Valeria & Olga's friend Vera

To Olga,

Thats your friend Vera in the picture with your daughter and me Guerino. What ever you did to me, your green cards I never will forget you for 10 years I sacrificed to do good things but in 1 and a half minutes you called police, you ruined my reputation and my dream, I wanted to do so many things with you and with your daughter Valeria too. Your daughter, she is a very nasty girl, she doesn't have no respect remember with you and your daughter I have nothing to lose  I am still going to make a complaint all the time. I am not scared of you no more. You are the peiece of shit women. I gave you a chance to go back and make peace betwen me and you thats my your going to be shit for the rest of your life. I'll see you in December for the divorce trial on the 5th and 6th. You think you have everything but you dont have nothing. Thats the way you want to live.

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